Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Post 3333 - Tuesday


It is just past 2pm. I write these humble, sub-par, pathetic, ill-gotten words at the River John Library, about a 12 minute drive from the cottage.

We didn't really do much the last few days. We participated in the River John yard sale. I didn't get very much. A chip clip. Some tongs for the barbecue. A couple paperback books at 50 cents apiece. One of them was the source material for the first season of "Bosch", which we were then watching at the cottage. I like when things just come together. 

We finished watching season one of Bosch. We started watching the final season of "Banshee", a severely under-rated show on Cinemax, I think it was, but which was available on another channel in Canada. Easily one of the most violent programs ever made, but so compelling, and we will miss it. They only made 38 episodes, folks. Not that big a time commitment. You should check it out.

I had a crazy case of acid reflux this morning around 4. I couldn't get back to sleep for a good 90 minutes. Even now, 10 hours later, my throat is sore. 

On Monday afternoon, we went to the local beach. We sloshed around in the water for a couple of hours, talked to some people, and returned to the cottage. On the way, we noted some trespassers had decided to park their vehicles on someone else's dirt. I got pictures. I will never understand why people feel entitled to trespass, why they feel they have the right to walk or park wherever they bloody want, whenever they bloody want. 

I am not one of those people who say that the government should do something about, well, everything; but private property laws in Canada are so airy fairy, so vague, so inconsistently applied, that they may as well not exist. I had one cop tell me several years ago that someone wandering around on your property is really not trespassing. Trespassing kicks in when someone breaks and enters  your house or shed or something. I totally disagree with that. There should be a way, a mechanism, to ensure that you have the quiet enjoyment of your property, which would include being able to escort someone off that property that you don't want on it, for whatever reason you want to give, or for no reason at all.  But politicians, if they say anything at all, will just mumble something about how people "should respect private property" before going off to their next appointment. Sorry. Doesn't cut it for me.

On that special note, I think I will draw this post to a close. I should be back here on Thursday and will write then. Until then, keep smiling, y'all.


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