Saturday, August 6, 2016

Post 3336 - Saturday

Hi. Past 10:30pm.

We are back in the city.

I spent nearly 3 hours this afternoon mowing the lawn at the cottage today. The grass was tinder dry. They need a pile of rain down there, and I hope it happens, soon.

I should have mowed the lawn this morning, but instead we both went to the Farmers' Market in Tatamagouche. I am glad I went because I managed to get some information for my next media column in Frank. You will see that in a couple of weeks.

We left the cottage around 7pm, just in time to observe trespassers walk around the neighbour's property and on to Patricia's. She has a shed in which the lawn tractor lives. Those hillbillies walked up to and touched it and behaved as though they felt they owned it.

Here is a picture I took of those pudding-headed oafs. You may need to zoom in to see them, though. I took it from the car. I know that if I had confronted them, it would have gone South in a hurry. They're entitled, you know.

Calm, blue ocean.

Calm, blue ocean.

We drove back at a good clip. We dropped off in Stewiacke to grab a burger at the Dairy Queen there before resuming the trip home. We got here around 10pm. I threw our undies in the washing machine whilst Patricia has had her shower. I am about to have mine.

Another vacation is nearly over. I say nearly because we still have Sunday off before a full return to reality. As is my custom, I did not shave during my time off. I haven't seen a razor blade in 12 days. This is how I look now:

 I am just wondering, though, should I keep this mess. I look like someone's very ageing father, and I don't like it. I will probably shave it all off this evening. Just wondering if maybe I should keep the beard for next time.

I think I will have my shower, try to stop thinking about those so-and-so's traipsing all over Patricia's property, and call it a day.

See you tomorrow.


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