Sunday, August 7, 2016

Post 3337 - Sunday

In hours I have to get up and return to work.


Another vacation over.

Once again, I wonder where the time off disappears to. It seems to be some variant of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, where time away from one's work place goes by faster than that which occurs at work. I wish someone would do a study on that.

This was a quiet day. I put clothes away that had been piling up in the recroom. Watched some episodes of season 2 of "Bosch". Ate stuff that was in the freezer. Showered and shaved again.

Part of my day was spent wondering if those troglodytes are still trespassing at the cottage. I can't help but think about these people and who brought them up and whether they even care of notice that they are causing stress to those whose land they trek on. Doubt it.

I think I will turn in. After all, I should be calming down before getting some sleep.

See you tomorrow.


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