Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Post 3339 - Tuesday

Past 9.

Watched the season ender to season 2 of "Bosch" this evening. It was a strangely-paced episode. Characters flit from scene to scene so quickly you'd think that you had fallen asleep for a few minutes and missed something. There are huge gobs of exposition here and there; to find the bad guy, the show's momentum slows to a crawl to explain just where they think the bad guy is, and why. Of course, he is there, and Bosch and his partner don't ask for back up, even though the bad guy had helped kill a bunch of people two episodes previously. And the way the bad guy is dispatched makes very little sense. I find it very difficult to believe that this particular bad guy would be so sloppy as to let this happen, not after he had been so clever up to that point.

Toward the very end, Bosch talks to his chief, asking for information. The chief says he will, "soon". "How soon?", Bosch asks. "Soon". Then, the scene changes abruptly, and you see Bosch tracking down someone. It takes a few moments to deduce that he's following up on the information that the chief had promised "soon". Three minutes later, the show is over, and we are treated to some musical interlude as Bosch walks away, as a segue to the end credits.

After the show had been so good, for so long, this episode was a real let down. Did they edit the footage with a meat cleaver or something? I sure hope that things pick up in season 3.

But you don't care about that.

You only care that my work week is half over. In two more days, I get 3 days off. I will promise to think about you, but only in a nice way. We talked about that before.

I promised I would not stay up until midnight again, like I did last night. Today was brutal for me. It took some real doing to get out of bed and to get up and around and to work. I promise to turn in much earlier.

Like... how about now?

See you tomorrow.


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