Friday, August 12, 2016

Post 3341 - Friday


Sorry I didn't write on Thursday. I got home from work. Ate. Excused myself to crash on my recliner for a spell. And that was my night. Slept pretty much for 12 hours.

The humidity around here is killing me. Even my hair, my glorious, full-bodied hair, is protesting. After I sleep, I drag myself around the house and find I must rest again.

This afternoon, we went to see a movie. It is "Sausage Party", the animated hard r-rated film featuring voice work by Seth Rogan, Edward Norton, and many others. When it wasn't trying to convey a message or satire, when it was full-bore gross, it was extremely funny. But I kept looking at my watch until I realized that my watch doesn't light up, but at least it kept me busy.

Today was a day off work. Two more days before I go back. If there is strength in our bodies tomorrow, we will do some housecleaning.


See you tomorrow.


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