Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Post 3344 - Tuesday

Past 11pm.

I have spent the last nearly 3 hours working on a draft of my next Frank column. Once again, there is information there you will find nowhere else.

In addition to my media column, there will be another one of my missing persons articles. It is one I have been working on since May. It will be nice to see it in print. This story has to many twists and turns that I daresay it could be a book. To know what I am talking about, just pick up that issue when it hits newstands next week.

I cooked dinner tonight. Well, the chicken part. Patricia prepared the rice and lentils. There is enough left over for our lunches tomorrow, so if you want to come over and smell my food at noon time, those of you who work with me who read this column, then please do so. I so enjoy the company.

This was a long day. Another one beckons.

See you tomorrow.


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