Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Post 3345 - Wednesday

Around 10:40.

Just sent off my latest media column to my editor at Frank. It contains information unavailable anywhere else, so go out and buy Frank already.

Also in the new Frank, out next week, will be a long-ish article by me about a long-time Nova Scotia missing persons case, one with many twists and turns. Even though this case has had quite a bit of ink over the years, there is information in this article that has never been reported before. I have been working on the article for 3 months. I hope you check it out.

Some of you know this, and some of you don't, but if you want to report an Nova Scotia unsolved murder or missing persons case, you can write me directly at Frank and tell me about it. I try to keep up on these older cases, but there are some that slipped under my radar, or which were so long ago that I didn't know about them at all, and I make an effort to keep up on that stuff. I likely have enough cases to keep me busy for several years, or until my editor decides he doesn't want to run any more of these articles.

Sorry that my posts have been shorter lately. The paying writing work has to take precedence.

Pushing 11. I need to turn in. But, just think: my deadlines are behind me for a spell.

See you tomorrow.


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