Thursday, August 18, 2016

Post 3346 - Thursday

Past 10:15.

Long day. The Frank Magazine media column has been edited and is ready for publication on Monday. Then, late this afternoon, some radio news happens. Or, maybe it is just a rumour. We don't know yet.

The true crime piece in the new Frank is something like 2300 words. With pictures and the like, I am not sure how many pages the story will run. It is probably the longest article about this story ever told, with the possible exception of the tv show re-enactment from quite a few years ago.

Funny story. A Facebook friend blitzed most of his friends  yesterday, sending us all private messages plugging his new book. Rather than just delete the message and go on with my day, I wrote him back and made him a deal: I would buy the book for my kindle if he would order a copy of that issue of Frank Magazine. He agreed! The editor confirmed that he got the man's order. Maybe he will think twice before he blitzes me with his book news.

If you do not live in Canada and can't justify getting, say, a digital subscription to Frank, but would like to read this story that I am writing about, then go ahead and write the editor, Andrew, and tell him you would like a copy. It is something like 9 or 10 dollars Canadian, which includes shipping costs. Here is his email address. It is issue #749. Tell him I said hi. Oh, they take Visa or Mastercard.

I think I will turn in. A busy day tomorrow.

See you then.


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