Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Post 3349 - Wednesday

Past 9:20.

The new Frank Magazine hit newsstands today, and already I have had feedback from two sources. The mother of the man featured in my missing persons article took the time to write me today and thank me for doing "a great article". That feels good.

And the Program Director I wrote about in the radio column took the time to tell me he loved the article. That feels good, too.

Hey, I have an idea. Why don't all of you reading this go out and buy Frank #749 right now? Like, get out of bed, get off the toilet, stop walking the cat, and go out and purchase that issue of Frank? It is a special 48 page issue, containing 6 pages of Bevboy goodness. Six whole pages. My goodness, how much would you pay for that? $50? $60? $100? Well, you don't have to pay that much. With taxes and gratuities, Frank Magazine #749 can be had for... well, the usual price is about five dollars. I don't know how much this larger issue costs. But it is still cheaper than a pack of smokes. And which one is better for you? Hmm? Just email Andrew here and tell him you want to order that particular issue of Frank.

Patricia had Pilates after work tonight. I hung around my work and laboured over my nextest true crime column. I try to switch between a missing persons case and an unsolved murder, so this one is an unsolved murder. I produced a second draft tonight and will tear it to pieces during my lunch hour on Thursday before trying to finish it Thursday night and sending it off to my editor for his consideration.

Next week, I will examine another missing persons case. Haven't decided yet, which one, but there is no shortage.

More than a few of you have suggested one particular missing persons case. My editor did, in fact, just two days ago. The reason I haven't written about Allan Kenley Matheson's 1992 disappearance is because I know there is a guy doing a documentary film about the case. He has a reach and a budget that I do not have. But my editor pointed out, correctly, that a documentary film and a magazine article are two different beasts, and they can complement each other. So I wrote the director of the film and pointed out to him what was pointed out to me. He wrote me back, and agreed. So, in the coming months you may see a Frank Magazine article from me about this confounding and enduring mystery. All I know about the case is what has been reported over and over by lazy reporters who don't have the gumption to go out and research and write and find new material about the case.

To that end, if you know anything about the disappearance of Allan Kenley Matheson, your best bet is to contact me here. You can and will remain anonymous, if that is your wish. You have my word.

Been a long day. Think I will turn in.

Have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


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