Saturday, August 27, 2016

Post 3352 - Saturday

Past midnight.

We went to the breakfast buffet at that Greek restaurant on Quinpool today. Afterward, we found a yardsale on Norwood Street. Turns out that the woman living there, Sally is her name, is moving back to Texas. When I saw she was selling a Martin Gardner book of math puzzles and the like, and she saw how excited I was that there would be such a thing, she told me I could just have it. So, that's why I didn't balk at paying 2 bucks for a coffee travel mug.

We returned to the car and made our way to Tantallon, to check out the coolio bookstore there, Otis and Clementine's. It is everything you'd expect a bookstore to be: wonderfully eclectic, comfy chairs to curl up in, a kids' section, a tiny cafe that will sell you a coffee or soda, and books on nearly every subject. We don't get there often enough. The staff lady, Diana, recognized me from being there last month and said she liked the book news I was putting into my Frank column from time to time. I spent too much money there.

The bathroom wall said that at the local Shambhala Centre, there would be a stained glass demonstration. We checked it out. Patricia remarked that the used of lead in the stained glass was very good, and was also a very challenging thing to try, both technically and from a health standpoint. I guess the guy suffered for his art.

Checked out the new buildings by the Irving station as well. Lovely part of the world. Tantallon has expanded so much in just the last few years, with no end in sight. In Timberlea, where I live, there is comparatively nothing. Very little shopping. No decent restaurant. Pizza places. We're lucky to have a farmer's market that's open every day. But if we want do some actual shopping, we have to flip a coin and go either to Bayer's Lake, or to Tantallon. I wish we had more stuff here, is all.

We got back here mid afternoon. Read "Dirty White Boys" on my front deck for a while before going back inside and napping the balance of the afternoon away.

Tonight, we watched a bunch of episodes of "Whose Line is it, Anyway?" on Plex. And, now I think I will turn in.

What a wonderful Saturday. I hope yours was, too.

See you tomorrow.


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