Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Post 3356 - Wednesday


Just sent off another true crime piece to my editor at Frank, for his approval. The next issue of Frank doesn't come out for another 3 weeks, though. Don't hold your breath.

I have a binder full of cases to consider. While I can only do serious work on only one case at any given time, I do pick away at multiple cases at once. Just this evening I started working on a disappearance from 2004 that somehow escaped my attention at the time it happened. I don't have an excuse for it; I clearly had other things on my mind at the time, or this mysterious disappearance would have registered with me. I am hoping that my pleas for more information about the case will not go unheeded. We will see.

Oh, I know that last night was the 17th anniversary of the murder of Jason MacCullough. People wrote me about it, but I already knew. This is one of those cases I may not write about, because I feel my mandate is to focus on cases that have not had as much attention as Jason's. For the same reason, I don't see the point of writing about Kimberly McAndrew, who disappeared from a parking lot in 1989. She has had tremendous coverage in the years since. To this day, any new lead in her disappearance is followed avidly by the media. I doubt if I could add anything whatsoever to the discussion, so I'd just as soon stay out of it.

Now, there was a woman who was kidnapped a few days after Kimberly went missing. She was found badly beaten some time afterward and died six months later. Her name was Leslie Anne Levy. Here is but one article about that case. I might write about that case, if information about it presented itself to me, by which I mean that if I could find some new facts about it, I'd write about it.

There are so many other cases. A man murdered in his store in 1968. Another man goes out to his barn one morning and is murdered by a man laying in wait for him. Who remembers either one of those cases? I likely have years and years of work ahead of me. 

But people have to help me out. It is fine to suggest to a case to me, but if you something about a case, or think you know something about an unsolved murder or missing persons case in Nova Scotia, then please let me know. Your best bet is to email me here and tell me all about it. 

Don't assume I know something. There is a really good chance I don't.

You have a good evening. Start writing me.

See you tomorrow.


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