Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Post 3361 - Tuesday

I think I have a case of the vapours.

Whatever that means.

All I know is that some Southern women complain about having it. I have always gathered it had something to do with the climate down there, that it is so hot that one is overcome by the heat and the humidity and must recline so as not to pass out

It is like that here, in parts of Nova Scotia.

This summer has been very warm, with very little rain relative to what we need. Today has been crazy humid, and while that might normally lead to rain, it hasn't, and it won't.

People with wells are worried that they will run dry. Fire departments are letting people go and take showers and maybe even fill up some bottles of drinking water. Municipalities are asking people not to use water for things like watering plants.

There is no real end in sight. There might be some rain this weekend, but nobody is counting on it.

This is pure delight to the wine industry in the Valley. It is apparently a bumper crop of grapes this year, so this means there should be plenty of wine next year, which makes the 450 000 or so women in Nova Scotia pretty happy. I can imagine they will be dragging their significant others to the wineries next year, salivating for new product.

First day back to work after Labour Day. I wore pants today for the first time in over a month. I was wearing walking shorts for the intervening period. Don't worry. I wasn't wearing around like Donald Duck or anything.

It looks as though I will be interviewing the father of a missing person this coming weekend. I will tell you more about it, minus the names, once I get the appointment booked. Of course, the article will eventually appear in Frank Magazine.

Speaking of which, I provide the following link, about my editor's appearance in court today. Because I am a provincial civil servant, and this is a case before the provincial courts, I do not think it wise to comment on this case. You can guess how I feel about it, and you'd probably be right. I will leave it at that.

Of course, you can google and find plenty more articles.

I think I will call it an early night. Too hot to keep typing.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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