Monday, September 12, 2016

Post 3367 - Monday

Past 9:45.

We  just finished watching another episode of "Shetland" on Netflix. Started watching a second one but Patricia fell asleep. We will watch it tomorrow.

Got home late tonight, nearly 7:30. Traffic was a bear after work. Patricia ended up getting off the bus and walking to me. We decided to get dinner at the Steak and Stein on Young Street. The food is barely tolerable there, and pricey to boot. But there are very few places to eat on that section of Young Street any more, now that Michael's Bar and Grill no longer exists. It was torn down to make room for that condo/apartment monstrosity, Monaghan Square.  You know, the place where the condos that have no bedrooms start at $200 000. People must be lining up to live in there!

Anyway, we did get home. I did some laundry. And now, here it is, nearly 10pm, and I haven't done any work on my next Frank column. I have taken a couple pages of notes, but haven't assembled them into any kind of draft yet. Tomorrow, lunch hour, for sure. I will not turn in on Tuesday until I have something I can at least tolerate.

I think I will turn in. Been a long, and trying, day.

See you tomorrow.


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