Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Post 3369 - Wednesday

About 9:50.

I sent off my most recent Frank Magazine media column a few minutes ago to my editor, for his sage consideration. The new issue goes online this coming Monday and hits stores and mailboxes on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, after work, Patricia has a Pilates class. I will hang back at work and commence writing the draft for my next true crime piece. I wanna get it into my editor by next Wednesday if at all possible. That's because we are off for the last two days of next week and the first day of the week after that.

We will be at the Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville. We look forward to it every year. Roots music. Blues. Folk music. Whatever. It is all marvelous, and we can't friggin' wait. It starts next Thursday and runs into Sunday afternoon. Rather than drive up after work on Thursday, drop off Newbie at the house and double back, we will take the full day off and make our way over there leisurely. And rather than return to the city Sunday night and be exhausted for our return to work on Monday we will take Monday off as well.

Anyway, I think I will turn in. Need my beauty coma.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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