Monday, September 19, 2016

Post 3374 - Monday

Just past 9:30.

Been a long day. What keeps me going is that my work week is one third over, rather than 20%. I am taking the last two days of this week off as I have already explained.

Let's see here. We watched the season opener of The Big Bang Theory tonight. We met Penny's mother and her convict brother. Katey Sagal plays her mother. Some of you will remember that she played her Kaley Cuoco's mother years ago on "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter", the show that starred John Ritter until he died in 2003. I was hoping for some kind of shoutout on the show tonight, some kind of wink and a nod to the audience, but I didn't see one. They missed an opportunity.

We then watched the one hour pilot to "The Good Place", starring Ted Danson and Kristin Bell. Bell is dead and goes to the place they can't call heaven for fear of offending certain groups of people, I guess. I liked how the characters can't swear, so we hear phrases like "bullshirt" and "motherforker". Some cute dialogue. Mildly funny. But I think it will be gone by Christmas.

Then, Gotham started. We will watch it on pvr later on this week, if we get a chance. That show started very well in season 2 and quickly devolved into a villain of the week, said villains being boring and stupid. Characters behaved in a way that served the increasingly-absurd plots. It all got very silly when B.D. Wong started playing Hugo Strange. I hope that season 3 improves on 2. It can't get much worse.

Anyway, I think I will turn in. Did I tell you it had been a long day? And that my work week is one third over? I can't remember.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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