Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Post 3383 - Wednesday

Pushing 11pm.

I just filed my latest-and-greatest Frank Magazine media column. Once again, there is content there you will find nowhere else. To find out what I mean, you will have to go buy the issue when it comes out next week. K?

There will not be a true crime article by me in the next issue. I have had an unsolved murder/missing persons article in the last 3 issues, and that is a pace I cannot sustain, not without something else like a bit of weekend fun going by the wayside. The last two weekends we have been to things like the garlic festival in the Valley, and then the Deep Roots Music Festival consumed several days of our lives. As it was, while Patricia watched The Book of Negroes on Netflix on Sunday night, I was transcribing some material I had recorded a couple of weeks earlier, but i have several more such files to summarize before I can start writing a draft. After I write the draft, and send it off to my editor, there may be some back and forth there. It is my fervent hope to have the next missing persons article in the issue of Frank that comes out in 3 weeks.

Sorry if you are disappointed. I will try to make it up to you.

I left work a bit early today. I wasn't feeling well. I feared I was catching Patricia's cold. She came down with it over the weekend and has been off sick all week. I got home around 3:15, put my feet up, and slept for a couple of hours. I felt better after that, certainly well enough to watch "Designated Survivor" tonight. The show had teased an interview in which Kiefer's character was interviewed by a tv anchor about why he was qualified to be President in light of the fact that the deceased President was going to fire him the next day. That scene was not in tonight's show, which is a strange tease for an episode, ennit?

I haven't watched this week's "Lethal Weapon" yet, but I think Patricia was watching it when I went downstairs to work. I will try to see it tomorrow night. Very much liked the pilot.

"Speechless", starring Minnie Driver as the mother to a disabled son who cannot speak, was a revelation to us both. It will either be the sleeper hit of the year, or be off the air in 3 weeks. I cannot tell.

Newbie is beckoning me to sleep, so I think I will.

See you tomorrow.


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