Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Post 3387 - Tuesday

Past 8:30.

We checked out one of those diners in Halifax for dinner tonight, one of those places that have been around so long that people don't realize it's there any more. We had a pretty acceptable dinner. Patricia had chicken kebabs with rice lentils and tablouli salad and hummous and pita bread. I had the chicken shawarma plate, also with rice lentils, hummous, but I had another kind of salad whose name is hard to spell, and I didn't like that salad very much. 

I realized half way home that I had kept forgetting to buy Newbie's catfood. He is an ornery cat. If you don't feed him what he wants, when he wants it, it is not a good sight to behold. Best to keep him happy. So we went to the Superstore on Quinpool. While there, I ran into a Facebook friend, Allana. We chatted for a while. As we walked off, Patricia looked back at her and noted how long Allana's hair was. Apparently it goes all the way down to the small of Allana's back. I hadn't noticed at all. I have been trained that you don't look at another woman's anything, and maybe even avoid direct eye contact. Nothing personal, Allana. I'm sure your hair is lovely and all.

Hey, it turns out that she is looking for a roommate for... December, I think it is. If you need a roommate and live in the Halifax area, let me know and I can let her know. K? Your best bet is to email me and give me your deets.

We got home. Newbie greeted me with the same degree of condescension that women used to accord me when I was single and I asked them out. Not even the new bag of food I waved in front of his face made any difference. It will be a fun evening.

I haven't done anything tonight with the draft of the next true crime piece because the police contacted me today and let me know that they will have some information for me on the case tomorrow or  Thursday. Might as well make those changes in one swell foop.

Even though it's not even 9pm, I think I will turn in, and soon. I am definitely fighting something. Throat is scratchy. Nose is running. I will probably get good and sick for the long weekend. Yay for me.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.

I hope.


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