Thursday, October 6, 2016

Post 3388 - Thursday

Pushing 10:30.

My next true crime column for Frank Magazine is very close to done. I printed it off the other night and extensively revised it until after work this evening, when I typed in the changes, and did some more changes this evening when I got home. I printed it off again just now and will give it a quick go over before sending it to my editor tomorrow. I have already sent him a bunch of pictures to use.

This case has grown more intriguing and complex the more I got into it. I hope that I have struck the right note with the story. I hope it will see print, the week after next.

We grabbed some dinner on the way home as nothing here was cooked. Shame on us.

So, in 2001, when I bought this house, my late parents helped me out with a few things. I had selected a combination washing machine and dryer. My parents found separate machines for less than half the money. The dryer worked until last year, and the washing machine still works. They bought me a freezer. And they bought me a dining room table with 6 chairs and huge buffet. Far too large for the house. Too dark. Too... everything.

After all this time, I have decided to get rid of that stuff. I have offered it on the Halifax giveaway mailing list. Several people expressed interest. Looks as if it will all be gone Saturday morning. Can't.Hardly.Wait. Loved my parents and everything, but these are old and out of style and too large for the house.

The plans for the long weekend are firming up. I will tell you about them tomorrow. Okay?

See you then.


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