Sunday, October 9, 2016

Post 3390 - Sunday

Past 11pm.

Had a quiet couple of days. Saturday we gave away a dining room set that my parents bought me when I got this house in 2001. I mentioned this before, but it was just too big for the house. Getting rid of it yesterday opened up an entire room for us.  Alas, the folks who picked it up yesterday could not fit the buffet and hutch combo in their vehicle. We are hoping that they can pick it up before we go to the cottage in a couple of days.

After they folks left, we went into Bayer's Lake to the Value Village to get rid of some things that had been stored in the hutch. One time I actually purchased a punch bowl because I had once been at a party where there had been a punch bowl with those little glasses hanging off of it. I wanted one. So I got it, and it languished there, along with a bowl to keep potato chips (which I did keep) until Saturday morning. Now, it is at Value Village and someone will end up buying the stupid thing, get it home, and never use it.

Within a couple of days, I will have forgotten about the things we deposited at the VV yesterday. I already am, as a matter of fact.

Afterward, we grabbed a snack at the McDonald's in Bayer's Lake before spending some time at the Chapter's across the street. Massive renovations flank the building. After they are done, the store will re-brand as Indigo. I have always thought that was a dumb name for a bookstore chain. Chapters, then Chapters-Indigo, and now just Indigo. Why name a bookstore chain after an obscure color? Why is that a thing?

We weren't ready to go home yet, so we drove out to Otis and Clementine's in Tantallon. It used to be a Books Galore 2 store until it was purchased from the man in the Valley who owned it (he still has the Valley store in Coldbrook). The woman who bought the store lavished some TLC on the place and added several new sections. There is a whole section at the back of the store for children, with plenty of children's books, and a YA section. They sell coffee and pastries and cold beverages. I haven't met the owner of the place, but the lady who works there when we go in always warmly greets us.

Outside the store they have a cart full of books. She will give you a plastic grocery bag, and you can cram as many books in that bag as you want from that cart for ten dollars, taxes in.

The... I think it's the 3rd Thursday of every month, they have a book club. Locals go in there and discuss that month's book and they sell plenty of coffee and tea on those evenings.

Damn, I love Otis and Clementine's! Why not check out their website?

We got some snacks and returned home. We finished watching Luke Cage on Netflix and started watching the second part of season one of The Ranch.

Today, I cooked French Toast for breakfast and threw the roast we bought on Friday night, into the crock pot. It was our dinner tonight, and it was frigging awesome, partially because of the local garlic we got a couple of weeks ago at the garlic festival. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and taking it easy.

Tomorrow, will probably be more of today, but I have a looming Frank deadline I want to work toward.

Watching the Trump/Clinton debate on the tv. It is considered so important that CBC radio has broken away from its normal crappy Sunday night programming and is carrying the debate so that people in cabs and so on who want to see these old people talk over each other can tune in, realize what is on, and switch to another station.

Think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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