Monday, October 10, 2016

Post 3391 - Monday

Past 9:30pm

Did very little today.  Being the Canadian Thanksgiving, we were off work, so sleeping in was appropriate. It was also appropriate to take a long nap after lunch, getting up in time to nuke left over roast beef from last night.

Tonight we finished watching the second part of season one of Netflix's "The Ranch". It was not as funny as part one, but the characters are resonating more with me. I look forward to the first part of season two, probably sometime in the Spring.

Tomorrow, I think we will go to the cottage. At least, that is the plan as things stand at the moment. I will let you know if that plan changes. Because, you know, I know you all care.

I think I will turn in. Even though I will be on vacation I will be fairly busy tomorrow, Wednesday, and... especially busy on Thursday. Very excited and nervous about what is coming up on Thursday. You will hear about that very soon.

See you tomorrow.


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