Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Post 3396 - Wednesday

Past 9pm.

Home from another super duper Toastmasters meeting. Yay. Super yay.

When we pulled into the driveway this evening, we decided not to go into the house just yet. We walked around the block once again, covering the end of the street, then left, and left, and a final left to bring us right back to the driveway again.

I had my shower and now I am ready to watch the 3rd Trump Clinton debate at 10 for a little while at least.

On my Facebook timeline I see plenty of people complaining about Trump. I see people complaining about Hillary. My feeling is that as long as they don't cross a line and start threatening the safety of someone, then I don't really care. My world is big enough to accommodate people who have diametrically-opposed opinions. It is not big enough to find room for those who will not tolerate even the concept of an alternative viewpoint, though. I have begun to consider the possibility of dropping some of the more intemperate people, both Trump supporters and Hillary devotees, who cannot be nice about their opinions.

As Canadians, non-Americans if you will, I must repeat that this is the American election. How things turn out on November 8th will affect us, but it is none of our business how our American friends choose to vote. If someone got in my face and yelled at me and threatened me if I voted a certain way, I would make it a damn point to vote that certain way, if only to spite that person and reinforce my right to vote any way I want. It is my vote. My decision. Not somebody else's. Period.

But, no matter who wins on November 8th, the aftermath will be ugly and bitter for months, maybe years, afterward. I am glad I will be able to see it from my relatively safe vantage point.

Think I will go get a good seat for the debate. Newbie is making popcorn.

See you tomorrow.


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