Friday, October 21, 2016

Post 3398 - Friday

Nearly 11:30pm.

Another long day.

I have been thinking more and more about what car to get. We will not get a North American vehicle. Increasingly, KIA's are looking interesting. The Jeep Cherokee's we looked at last weekend are pricey, but for much less money, there are comparable KIA's that look really good and apparently ARE really good.

Next question is, do I buy in the city? A guy at my work drives to the Valley to get his vehicles because he feels that companies down there, because they will have lower sales, will work that much harder to reduce the price of the vehicles. I have no reason to think he is wrong. I just haven't really looked down there yet is all.

I do know that while I want to do a good job searching, I want to end up with a damned car, not search and search until my life has been exhausted in a Sisyphean quest with no vehicle to show for it.

So, it's almost as important to know what vehicle you don't want, as it is what one you do want.

Patricia is taking a stained glass course all weekend at the stained glass place not far from here. She will be taking my car, as hers has a flat tire. I guess that means I will be stuck around the house. That's fine. I am facing two Frank deadlines for next week and really have to get off me arse and do some writing on them.

Or maybe I will just sleep all weekend.


Which is more work?

See you tomorrow!!


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