Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Post 3401 - Tuesday

Pushing 11pm.

I have produced a very rough draft of my next Frank media column. We will, or at least hope to be, at the Ami McKay bookreading at the Halifax library Wednesday night, so I will have a paragraph or two about it in my column, along with a picture or two. I will use my press pass, so maybe I will be able to get up a little bit closer than everyone else can.

During my lunch hour today I also wrote a second article for Frank, which I hope will be in the next issue.

I need to leave work a little early on Thursday to conduct an interview with the friend of a young man who was murdered in Dartmouth in 2006. He sent me today a picture of him and this young man. I look forward to our discussion on Thursday, and to sitting down and producing an article about him in the next week or so.

The unsolved murders are articles I find especially hard to write. What to include, and what to leave out. How to start it? How to finisn it? What to include in the middle? You know, just stuff like that.

It is now past 11pm. We will both have a very long day tomorrow, so I think I will turn in. You keep having some fun, and don't forget to simile from time to time.

I hope you caught that. "simile", and not "smile".

See you tomorrow.


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