Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Post 3404 - Wednesday

Past 10pm.

I haven't written in nearly a week. I have been sick as a dog for nearly all of that time. A bad cold that meant I could barely get out of bed some days, and slept many, many hours. I worked on Friday, rested all weekend, and returned to work on Monday, only to leave at lunch time. I took another sick day on Tuesday and finally returned to work today. My goodness. Hardly a nice time.

(Patricia got this cold and remains out sick. She may return to work tomorrow, but then again, maybe not.)

I had Toastmasters after work tonight. I would normally stay home after a return to work after a spate of illness, but today marked, for me at least, my 25th anniversary in Toastmasters. The meeting number of 1665 tonight. When I joined in November of 1991, the meeting number was very close to 666, so this was my 25th anniversary meeting, and I joined 1000 meetings ago.

People ask me why I stay with it. Part of it is that I still enjoy it. Nights when I drag my sorry arse to a meeting end nicely because I almost always feel better after it is over. And, honestly, what would I have done the last 25 years if not for this? Stay home and watch tv? Take up stamp collecting? Who knows?

I have been thinking about the direction this blog has been going in over the last few months. I am not crazy about that direction. I will discuss those feelings here tomorrow.

See you then.


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