Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Post 3408 - Tuesday

Past 9:30.

I'm listening to the U.S. election results on CBC radio. I have had it on while I was writing a draft of my next media column for Frank Magazine. I have done that, so it just remains to hack and slash it and edit it and change it until I send it off to my editor Wednesday evening. I have already sent my latest true crime column, so with a bit of luck I will have two articles in the upcoming issue. Yay for me.

My cough remains. It is dry and hacking. I am nearly out of breath after a long jag. Not fun at all.

We were late for work this morning. I discovered on Monday that I could not find the registration certificate, that piece of paper that proves you own your car. I had to pay $13.20 to get a new one today. Patricia had to get one as well, along with her driver's license renewal. That done, I drove her to work, and then went to the credit union to do some business before finally arriving to work. I worked through lunch to help make up the time and will do the same thing tomorrow.

(My boss reads this blog)

I meekly asked on my Facebook a few day ago whether I should do another Christmas Tie Extravaganza this year. Several people wrote in, ordering me to do it again, so I will. I think this will be year 10, so look forward to it. Every work day in December, I will wear a different Christmas tie, and will wear it in a different part of the city. I am already thinking about new and exciting places for 2016.

And... you can make suggestions. Invite me to your work. Open doors for me. Introduce me to important people I haven't met yet. Tell me how good looking I am. You know the drill.

So, help me out, and I help you out. Deal?

Turning in.

See you tomorrow.


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