Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post 3409 - Wednesday


I just sent off my bi-weekly media column to my editor at Frank. Once again, plenty of content you can get nowhere else. I can take a few days off and then worry about how I will find enough to fill another column.

Got a call this afternoon from the sales guy at the car dealership. The 2016 KIA Soul will be ready for pick up by 1pm Thursday. We are excited about getting it. It only has 12 kilometers on it. Will likely double it by the time we get home tomorrow.

Still have a few personal effects in my old car. Must remember to clear that crap out before we pick up the new one.

So excited.

And it's amazing how many people are excited for us. KIA Soul's are popular cars. Several folks are congratulating us on the impending purchase.

I promise, I will take all of you for a ride. Just email me and make an appointment.

I am still coughing up a lung. Nearly had to pull over to the side of the road this evening on the way home after a coughing jag. That has subsided. I would not wish this cold/cough/flu on anybody.

I think I will turn in. Going to be an exciting day tomorrow!

See you then.


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