Monday, November 14, 2016

Post 3411 - Monday.

Yes. I'm still alive.

I feel badly that I haven't written much in the last several days. I had a relapse of the cold/cough/flu that assailed me a couple of weeks ago. I am feeling better this evening.

Anyway, you want to see some pictures of our new car, so here goes.

The few first are of my old car, the '08 Grand Prix. Afterward, there is the new 2016 KIA Soul. We got it Thursday afternoon when it had only like 12 kilometers of mileage on it. So far, it runs very well, and is fun to drive. And it certainly looks cool. I am seeing Soul's everywhere I go.

It is not easy, buying a car. Even if I had gone into the dealership with actual cash money in my hand, and made those twenty dollar bills rain, baby, then it would still have taken a few hours of my life. You have to transfer insurance to the new car. There are a ton of deals and rebates and so on that you only find out about at the time of purchase. They try like crazy to up sell you. We did opt for the 8 year, 200 000 kilometer warranty. We got the car undercoated, and have to pay $39 a year for any touch ups. Et cetera.

Anyway, by mid-afternoon on Thursday, we had the car. By Saturday, we were ready to go on our first trip, so we did a day trip to the Valley. I had some business to take care of down there, and I did. We returned, exhausted, mid-afternoon. Sunday, we didn't go too far afield.

Today, we drove the car for the first time to work. You may recall that when I bought the '08 Grand Prix, the first work day, we got in an accident that resulted in many thousands of dollars to my newly-purchased set of wheels. I was scared history might repeat itself. It did not. Phew!

The new Frank went online today. I have two articles in it: my usual media column, and another true crime piece. It is an unsolved murder case from 10 years ago that just hasn't had enough press over the years. My article is easily the longest one about the case yet. It hits stores on Wednesday. Check it out.

It is pushing 10:30. I think I will turn in. Getting up at 5:30 means going to bed relatively early.

See you tomorrow.


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