Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Post 3412 - Tuesday

Past 10pm.

I spent an hour this evening talking to the son of a man who was murdered some 35 years ago. Once again, I have to wonder how these cases are allowed to go cold, how they don't get some kind of resolution. Very, very sad.

We got home a bit late this evening. The cough and cold continue to kick our anuses. I have a crick in my neck that will not go away. I don't want to see a chiropractor to take care of that because they are purveyors in junk science and I don't want to support that crap. But maybe I should see a physiotherapist.

I have had the same keyboard at work for nearly 10 years now. As I got new computers, I just took the old keyboard and plugged it in. Now, after all this time, I think I may have to swap it out with a newer one. The spacebar is acting up like crazy. I have taken the bar off and tried to clean it and put it back on, but it still gets stuck. I slap that spacebar like it was mean and asking for it, but I still find words running together.

It's not "my" keyboard. Government property, and nobody expected it to last for as long as it has. It was on the computer at work when I started this job in 2007, and was used then. But I consider it a point of pride to keep that going for as long as I possibly can. Maybe a squirt of WD40 will make a difference. Worth a try.

I think I will turn in. The crick is not going away. It is quite painful, to be honest.

See you tomorrow.


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