Monday, November 21, 2016

Post 3414 - Monday

Once again, I must apologize for not writing the last several days. We have been running the roads quite a bit lately.

Friday night, my body shut down pretty early. Saturday morning, we drove to the Valley for Patricia's birthday weekend. We had lunch at Joe's Food Emporium in Wolfville before we checked out the Acadia craft show up town. We went from there to the house, waiting for the delivery of ground beef from the neighbor. After a brief rest we went to New Minas and checked out the sushi place that Mel Sampson had raved about.

It's called Soon Han Sushi. It is not the easiest place to find, but I knew where it was because there had been a used clothing place next door. Many a time I took my mother there and wondered what the sushi place was like. It was never open when I took Mom there.

Turns out that the place is excellent, and inexpensive. You know that feces that they sell at Superstore that they call sushi? It is not expensive, but it is feces. The stuff they sell at Soon Han's is pretty much the same price, and it is impossible to stop after just one roll. And they have bowls of really good, non-salty, won ton soup for only 2 dollars.

I paid for both the Joe's Food Emporium meal, and the sushi meal. I bought some tea at the craft show for Patricia along with the costume jewelry. Birthday prezzies.

We tried to return to the city Saturday night, around 8. But it was raining like a bugger. In the new car, with the rain, and the wind, and the darkness, we decided to spend the night at the house in the Valley. Before that, though, we drove to the IGA store in New Minas and bought provisions. I noticed a box of bacon-wrapped scallops (frozen) at 30% off. It had originally cost $18.99 and was marked down $12 to $6.99. Then, it was 30% off that, which is something like $4.89. They had 14 boxes of them, so I bought them all. They fit, barely, in the freezer down there.

Sunday morning we went to Cora's in New Minas, and I paid for that, too. From there we went to Value Village, where I paid for what we got there too, which included a pretty nice long coat for Patricia.

Not trying to brag about what I paid for, folks. It is just that when my birthday rolls around in a few months, Patricia will want to know what I will want, and will have perhaps forgotten what I bought her for her birthday.

We returned to the city, and spent the rest of the day resting. We brought back 4 boxes of those scallops, a couple pounds of the hamburger, stuff we got at a farmer's market Saturday night on the way to Soon Han's sushi, and a few other things. For dinner we had 2 boxes of those scallops.

During lunch today, I produced a short article/letter of comment for the next issue of Frank. It is about the teachers. I hope you check it out next week. Due to scheduling it will be impossible for me to produce a true crime article for this deadline, so that leaves me with "just" my media column to produce between now and Wednesday night.

Now, you're caught up. Aren't you glad you asked?

I have a bit of a headache tonight. I know I will turn in early, but I wanted to say hello to you again. I have missed you, all 4.7 of you.

Big Bang is on. Think I will watch it. I have only seen this episode 3 times.

See you tomorrow.


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