Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Post 3415 - Tuesday

Past 10pm.

Worked all day. Came home. By 6 o'clock I was on the phone to a man in Toronto. We spoke for over an hour about his uncle, who was murdered 25 years ago. He is going to try to get me in touch with his cousins over the coming days as they share their anecdotes with me.

People continue to thank me for doing these articles. I guess my comment is, besides "You're Welcome", is that if the regular media had been doing their job over the last number of years, my work would not have been necessary. There would be regular updates about David Joseph Hannan, Troy Cooke, Lyndon Fuller, and all the others I have written about, am writing about, and will write about until Frank Magazine tells me to stop.

A guy at work remarked to me the other month that I have an extremely unusual part-time job.  I had to admit then, and fully acknowledge now, that he is right. Most people when they want to make a bit of extra money take on a paper route or deliver pizzas or get a job in a call centre. (Actually, before the Frank work came back in May, I was hours away from applying for a job at a call centre.) Me, I get a part-time job writing about unsolved murders and missing persons cases. And I find it extremely rewarding.

Anyway, when I was done talking to my new friend, I was working on my media column. I have some information that is unavailable anywhere else. I guarantee it.

We have noticed something about the Soul that gives me a bit of pause. The gas tank seems to be much smaller than on my Grand Prix. I was running on empty this evening and put 30 dollars in the tank, at 97.9 cents a litre. So, 32 litres of gas or whatever it was. And the tank was nearly full. On my Grand Prix, it might have gone to just over the half way mark. I didn't realize the gas tank was so much smaller on this car, but then again, nearly everything else is. Backing up the car into a parking space is so different with the Soul. I back up until I swear I will hit the car in the next space, get out, and see, that I have plenty of room left, so I repeat the process until I dare go no further, only to discover there is still a healthy amount of space between my car and the other one. Another thing to get used to.

Sirius XM radio called me this afternoon inviting me to accept a "special offer" to continue beyond the 3 month trial period. I think the deal was for 4 dollars a month for an additional 6 months after the 3 month trial period. I am told that if you keep playing hard to get that they will keep reducing the amount and extending the period of time that the new deal will be in effect. I look forward to this game! Maybe they will end up paying me for the Sirius XM radio!

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I work then, and Thursday and will be off on Friday. Looking forward to it.

Think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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