Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post 3419 - Sunday

Nearly 10:20pm.

One of those days where you don't do anything other than watch stuff on the pvr and delete stuff from the pvr you will never bother watching. I like those days. Too much.

Heading into a couple of busy weeks. In a week's time I take a pre-retirement course offered at work. It is two days long. I have to pay for my own lunch, both days. Patricia has been after me for years to take this course, so I look forward to its being behind me. The rest of that week, the 7-9th, I will be on a short vacation. I plan to be busy those three days!

I have received a number of exclusive photographs of a man who was murdered quite a few years ago. I have spoken to 3 of his relatives in the last week. Taken a ton of notes. Time to start writing the article. I hope to produce 3 more true crime articles in 2016, even though there are only 2 more issues of Frank to put them in. The one out tomorrow doesn't have one by me in it, just my media column and a letter of comment.

Anyway, I should probably turn in. Been a long day doing nothing at all.

See you tomorrow.


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