Saturday, December 31, 2016

Post 3356 - New Year's Eve

Nearly 11:30 New Year's Eve.

I am back from my Valley trip. I went down there last night to retrieve a desktop computer. This morning I dropped off the computer from Halifax at a recycling depot. which was fun.

I ran some errands afterward, including breakfast at the Front Street Cafe in Wolfville. It is under new management. The food is just as good, if not better, than it was before. The new owner is Chinese and now they have a pretty extensive Chinese food selection. Apparently, it is authentic Chinese food, so I can get behind that.  The eggs benedict this morning was terrific.

I went to the Foxhill Cheese House again and got one more thing of eggnog. Went back to the house to get the computer and some other things, and went back to Wuffle to pick up some tomatoes and a few other things. Drove to the city.

We had fish for dinner. I hooked up the computer and have Plex installed on it. I am slowly adding back the content. For those of you who mooched off my Plex, you will have to send me another request to share, because this is a new Plex server for a "new" computer. Sorry, but there is no way around it.

We are 31 minutes away from 2017. 2016 sucked for an awful lot of people, mostly because so many of their favourite celebrities died, I guess. It wasn't a bad year. Not a great year, but not a bad one. I got a chance to write about unsolved murders and missing persons cases at  Frank, a part-time job I find very fulfilling. I got a new car. Saw some good movies and tv shows. Read a few good books. Slept. Got fatter. Could have been a better year, but it could have been worse, too.

For the new year, I want to try to have more fun. Patricia thinks I am dour, morose, maybe even sullen. I will try to rectify that next year. Fun. Yeah, let's try that.

You guys have a good evening. See you in 2017.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Post 3355 - Friday

Yay. The last work day of 2016 is over. Three day weekend awaits.

I am on a secret mission tonight and in to tomorrow. I will tell you about it probably on Saturday night.

The desk top computer will be going to a recycling depot, maybe as soon as Saturday. It is in the back seat of the car now. I was so disgusted at how it kept eating hard drives and not booting no matter what I did, that Thursday night I took as many pieces from it as I could, including the ram and hard drives and data cables and the cd/dvd player/burner. I cannot wait to be rid of the thing.

I spent like 500 dollars on that computer back in the Winter. It was refurbished. I  upgraded the ram and dropped a new power supply into it. And nearly as soon as I got it, it started behaving strangely. The solid state drive that contains the OS would no longer boot, so I transferred it to a 2.5" laptop drive and did some jiggery pokery to get it to start up. I had to reboot the computer more often than I should have. And it just got worse until Thursday morning when it would not, no matter what I did, come up for me.


Calm, blue ocean.

Computers are fun! They make our lives easier! I love them.

Just not at this moment.

I am going to fire of Netflix and call it a night.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Post 3354 - Thursday

Sorry I didn't write last night. I wasn't feeling well.

I think today is Thursday. Maybe I just want it to be Thursday. I am not sure.

I got up this morning  and padded downstairs to the laundry room to find something to wear. Decided to dip into the old home office and check out the media server. I couldn't "wake" it up. It did not come out of sleep mode no matter what I did. I manually shut down the computer by pressing the power button for 5 seconds, and rebooted a few times, but it didn't come up. I figured out that the bios was not even allowing me to boot the OS that I hope is still on one of the hard drives.

That computer/server, which I bought used this past February,  has been giving me problems for months, and today's was the final straw. At least two internal hard drives are about to expire, according to the disk utility that Linux Mint provided. Imminent danger of failing. The solid state drive that was new this past Winter stopped being useful as a boot device in the Spring. Some sectors got fried on it or something. I had to put the OS on a laptop hard drive and go from there. Every week or so, I would have to reboot the computer and refire all my processes so I could run Sonaar, Sabnzbd and Plex again. Hard drives have to be re-mounted from time to time. Just one thing after another. Aaargh!!

I removed most of the hard drives from the computer before I went to work. When I get home, I will remove the rest of them, including the ones that were about to crap out. I will harvest the ram. I will remove the USB card that never worked after I installed it. Wrestle some cables from it, too. Then, at the first opportunity, I will take that effing piece of excrement to a recycling depot and wish it a loud goodbye.

I have another desktop computer in the Valley. I will get that as soon as I can and press that into active service. Maybe the RAM will fit in that machine, for all I know. I will bring that back with me and get Plex and the other stuff working again, on that.

My goodness, what an ordeal, but I will not miss that computer, one little bit. Deeply disappointed in the business that sold the frigging thing to me 10 months ago. Hesitant to do business with them, ever again.

I do not need this stuff at the end of my 2016. I just don't.


See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Post 3353 - Catch Up

Just past 9:30.

Hello. Remember me?

I haven't written much the last few days because I haven't done much of anything the last few days.

Friday night, after we returned from Otis & Clementine's in Tantallon, and after we had washed some towels and whatnot, I decided to drive down to the Valley, and stay over night. I bought a few things at the Sobeys in New Minas, got some cash for the nice man who plows the drive way down there, and dried said towels. A new dryer for Casa Bevboy is at the top of our wish list in 2017!

I had two lots of these towels to dry. I went to bed while the first set was drying. When I woke up around 12:30am, I pulled the now-dry ones out of the dryer, put them aside, and placed the remaining wet ones in the dryer, set the timer, and returned to bed. By the time I got up on Saturday morning, those were nice and dry, too.

I had some errands to run. I went out to visit my parents' graves. I noted that they had finally put a year of death next to her name. About time. And someone, likely one of my adoring sisters, had put a wreath around their headstone. I wish I had done the same.

I walked around the cemetery for 20 minutes or so, looking at the headstones for families I knew. One was for a woman who died some 3 years ago, but her grave is festooned with fake flowers and little toys and devices that made me think that she must have loved that stuff when she was alive.

I drove into Kentville. Went to RD Chisholm's Ltd. Bookstore, because that is what a person should do when he is in Kentville. I regarded the building across the street from where I parked. I saw a picture on Facebook the other week of that intersection. Webster Street once ended there; and this building has been built up and changed but remains recognizable from that period in the late 1800's. So is the place across the street, where Paddy's Pub is now. I recall in the late 1970's when that was a record store that also sold comic books. It has changed hands many, many times over the last 140 years or so. But I had no idea that other place, which I think is on the market now but which I mostly recall as the MacDonald Chisholm Insurance building, was so old.

Anyway, at the bookstore,  I got a book about a cat that ran away from home but was found just in time for Christmas, for Patricia. I walked to the dollar store and got a couple cards that hold gift cards. Only a dollar each. I refuse to pay more than a dollar or so for a bloody greeting card.

I returned to the card, and drove to the house of the man who plows out the driveway. I paid him and gave him his greeting card and bade him open it. He was delighted to see the NSLC gift card in it. I thanked him again for all his hard work and returned to the house to fetch a milk bottle. I retraced my steps to the Fox Hill Cheese House. Got some of the crazy expensive egg nog there for six dollars. It would have been nine dollars if not for the deposit on the milk bottle. I also got a gift pack of cheese.

Growing up, I had no idea there would be a cheese house, a winery, a commercial farm, a short distance from where I grew up. In a couple more years, there will be at least one more winery on that street, and maybe two.

I drove to Canning and got something for my lunch at the convenience store that people keep going on about. Sammich and a slice of pizza. Both were terrible, inedible things. I threw the remnants on the front lawn. I doubt if the crows have touched it by now.

I loaded up the car with the towels and my other things. Took pictures of the Ruth Rendell novels I own to compare with the ones Otis & Clementine's has so I can get the missing ones. Locked up the house and drove to Wolfville. I got Patricia a gift card for Just Us! Coffee in Wolfville and drove back to the city.

I am always bushed when I return from the Valley. This was no exception. I unloaded the car and plopped myself down on my recliner around 2:45. I slept a few hours.

We had a quiet Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day was quiet, too. We agreed not to buy each other very much, because our main gift was the 2016 Kia Soul in the driveway. But I gave her that book, plus a few others, along the gift card and a drying rack. One or two other things. She got me a gift card for Otis & Clementine's. Socks. Salsa. A few other things.

We watched some shows on Netflix and Plex. Rested. And, two days later, we return to work in the morning.

One other thing. Regardez this book:

I bought this book years ago, but misplaced it years ago. Last year a nice man in Dartmouth gave me a crap ton of mystery magazines and related books. Three of them were by Edward D. Hoch, in which the author collected tales of some of his many series characters Ben Snow, Rand the retired spy, and the gypsy Michael Vlado. I tried to find the above book, to no avail.

This afternoon, I decided to tidy up the books in one section of my home office. I began to move the books blocking the bottom shelves of a book case. The bottom shelf became available to me again after a long time. I looked through the books. The right most book on that shelf said "Hoch" on the spine. I pulled it out, and there it was! Now I can put that book with the other three.

Do you care? No. No, you don't. You don't care in the least.

But I do.

But, you know something? Those Hoch stories about Dr. Sam Hawthorne are all about so-called impossible crimes, locked room stories, people and things who seemingly vanish into thin air. It is ironic that this very book "vanished" from me for years, and that I should find it less than a metre from where the other three books are! Somewhere, Edward D. Hoch is chuckling. That, or he thinks I should organize my books better.

On that note, you have a good night, and I will bark at ya tomorrow.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Post 3352 - Monday

Yes, I am still alive. I will fill you in on the last few days, tomorrow.



Friday, December 23, 2016

Post 3351 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Eleven (or Eleven)

The end of the trail draws night, ladies and gentlemen.

This afternoon, we drove to Tantallon, there to go to Otis & Clementine's used book store. It is probably our fave used bookstore anywhere in the province. Roomy. Eclectic. A little bit of everything. Plus they sell coffee and tea and sweets. They have a book club as well.

I have mentioned them a few times in my Frank Magazine media column, and they recognize me when I go in now. I think they appreciated the publicity. Being a small business, they likely can't afford to advertise in a traditional sense.

Anyway, today, between 4 and 8 pm was a customer appreciation event. Free wine  and sweets, plus 20% off everything in the store.

I got several books for me, plus a few for Patricia. As you can see, I got a used copy of Phonse Jessome's debut novel featuring a gritty, crime-ridden Halifax that the average person doesn't see, and which I am only seeing in the last few months as I have been writing the unsolved murders and missing persons series for Frank Magazine. I look forward to reading it over the holidays.

I also got a Mike Hammer novel by Mickey Spillane. And a couple Ruth Rendell novels. I have never read any of her novels. I read a bunch of her short stories in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine over the years. I got spoiled, reading short stories. They could, for the most part, be read in one sitting. Parking myself and reading a long novel makes me just realize how much padding there is in these books, and only makes me yearn more for the short story form. But I digress.

Rendell is an old favourite, and since she died in 2015, there won't be any new material from her, unless there is some posthumous stuff out there I haven't heard about it. I have a number of her novels. They have a number at Otis & Clementine's, but need to compare what I have to what they have, so I don't get a duplicate.

Most of my readers will have no idea what I am talking about, but many collectors fear getting more than one copy of anything. You just have to go along with me, okay?

This is the final entry in the Christmas tie series for 2016. Will I do it again in 2017? I don't know. People start asking me about it in August. I guess I will just say that I will do it if people want me to. If they don't, then I won't.

You guys have a good evening. I will talk at you tomorrow.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Post 3350 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Ten

I took these this morning while getting ready for work. I thought I would share the beauty of these images with you.

An introspective look, from an introspective person.

This one, I did for the ladies. You are welcome, ladies!!

I am so handsome. I just can't help it. If I were a girl, I would date myself and have the most beautiful babies ever. Like, super babies.

See you tomorrow, for the final edition of this for 2016.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Post 3349 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Nine

Nearly 11:30.  Turning in momentarily.

We just spent a couple hours watching two episodes of "Goliath", the Amazon series starring Billy Bob Thornton. You should check it out.

As you can see, I was under a blanket, watching the show, wearing today's tie.

And I have been wearing this tie for some 17 hours. Heck's wrong with me?

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Post 3348 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Eight


Spent 2.5 hours tonight talking on the phone with family members of a man who was murdered in the 1980's. Plenty of details,  and twists and turns.

My brain is fried after all that, so this will be quick.

Parked myself in front of my webcam just now. This is what came out. For some reason the webcam, works, but I do not see the image on the screen. Some kind of update in Linux removed that feature, which is  more than a little silly when you stop and think about it.

You guys have a good evening. Take care of yourselves. See you tomorrow.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Post 3347 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Seven

Tell me, ladies. How many of you like it when a man cooks?

How about a man who's wearing a  Christmas tie while he cooks? Is that better?


Is it?

By the way, I cooked fish for dinner tonight. Haddock, of course. It was frozen fish from Dartmouth's Gateway Meat Market that we picked up on Friday afternoon. Thawed it out in the fridge over the weekend. The pieces were really thick, and really, really good.

Loves me some haddock.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Post 3436 - Saturday

Past 11:30.

We did not much today, but tonight we went to a Christmas party, courtesy of some folks Patricia used to work with. The only problem was, the roads were a mess. The lanes were impossible to make out. At one point, we nearly drove into a meridian. Not good.

The actual party was fine. Although I knew nobody else there, they made me feel welcome. The chilli was excellent. The meatballs? I could have eaten them all, but only had two. And then there were these mushroom things with cheese on them. Heaven.

We got back home around 8:30 or so. Newbie was there waiting for us. I think he smelled the cat at the house we were at, which looked a lot like Newbie anyway. Newbie has been standoffish most of the evening.

The young man who plows and shovels our driveway is making out like a bandit. I owe him another $17. I will go to the bank machine in the morning, get some cash, and pay him. Really should have more cash on my person, but I'd just fritter it away on hookers and blow. I need to get a financial planner or something.

Youse guys have a good evening. Talk at ya tomorrow.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Post 3435 - Friday

After midnight. Technically Saturday morning.

I was off today, which is just as well, because it has been cold AF today. I gather that "AF" means "as frig". Maybe something stronger. Let's go with "as frig".

The highlight of the day was... well, see if you can figure it out on your own.



Now, what changed in about 30 minutes time? Well, I am smiling in the after picture, and a little owly before that. Maybe a clue?

I got my hair. It was just too long and unruly, and the style was not designed to grow as long as it had. I was using a ton of product to keep it in place. In the last 10 days or so, I had resorted to using product, combing it up and away from my forehead, which didn't work for me or anybody else.

I went back to Fine Lines in Lakeside. They were not even open when I got there. As I pulled up, a guy got out of his car and got in ahead of me, so he was served first. I had time to walk around the waiting area for a moment when my old friend Jaleel showed up. He had cut my hair six months ago, and knocked it out of the park. He did again, today. I like this young man very much.

Something happened, though, and they hadn't got their oil delivery yet, on what is easily the coldest day of 2016. They didn't need to put fake ice on the windows, because there was plenty of the real thing on the windows. No heat. They had a block heater thingy, but that kept nobody warm. When I shook Jaleel's hand after paying him, it was ice cold. I got to go home in a nice, warm car and back to a nice, warm house. He and his colleagues had to stay there all day.

In the afternoon, we went over to Dartmouth. Patricia had an appointment. I went into the Gateway Meat Market next door and picked out some steak for a nice breakfast later on this weekend. And, in the reduced section freezer, I saw some marked down haddock, which is our fave fish. It was frozen, but at a good price. Got just under 7 pounds for just a titch over 20 dollars. Two people saw the fish in the shopping cart and wanted to know where they could get some. I admitted I had it all, and they were disappointed. Everybody likes haddock. I felt so bad I offered to give a package of the fish to one gentleman, but he gently declined. We called each other a gentleman and went about our days. I am sure he will be back there soon and get his own packages of haddock.

We got some other stuff there before going to the Sobeys in Clayton Park. Got a Pictou County Pizza for dinner. They do what they can to replicate the experience of an actual Pictou County pizza, with the spicy brown sauce and actual pepperoni. Turned out to be pretty good, actually. Got a bunch of other stuff there, too. Then we went to Costco in Bayer's Lake. I kept the car running. Then we went to the Bulk Barn before returning home. I cooked the pizza.

We spent the night watching stuff on the PVR. Saw the mid-season finale of Designated Survivor. I look forward to its return after the holidays.

Been a long day. Party at a work friend of Patricia's tomorrow. Think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.



Thursday, December 15, 2016

Post 3434 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Exravaganza 2016 - Day Six

A snowy day outside. What says Christmas better than being inside, staying warm?

Today's pictures were taken courtesy of my friends John and Marcel. We had lunch together at the Metro Deli. They agreed to take the pictures, and I noticed the Christmas tree in the lobby at 6080 Young Street, so I handed them my phone and we had at 'er.

Five glorious pictures taken later, we were done. A small crowd was hanging around, seeking my autographs. After all these  years of doing the Christmas tie thing, I have become quite famous around here. I can't help it. Sorry.

Am I harshing someone's mellow?

By the way, the burrito platter at the Metro Deli, at 10 bucks, is excellent food and an excellent value. Comes with roasted potatoes and choice of salad. Go there, or I will have to hurt you.

See you guys tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Post 3433 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Five

Nearly 11pm.

Man, someone's tired!

I just put my final Frank Magazine column to bed for 2016. It is a bit off the beaten path for me, so I hope you like it when it comes out.

I actually had to take a nap when I got home tonight. Patricia roused me at 9:15 so I could come down here and finish the draft of the afore-mentioned article. It is done, but now my sleep pattern is thrown off. I will likely be up until 1am.

One more work day this week. Off Friday. No tie then. But you will have a tie on Thursday.

See you then.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Post 3432 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Four

Past 10pm.

We had a nice dinner at The Young Street Steak and Stein. I was given a gift card from the father whose son went missing in 1998. Out of gratitude for reporting his story in Frank, he insisted on giving me the card. I didn't want to embarrass the man, so I accepted the card. And we used it this evening.

The food was fair. Patricia found the turkey dry. I thought it was okay for what it was. The mashed potatoes were delicious. The cranberry sauce was authentic. The mashed turnip and carrot combo was pablum, and I didn't like it. The mussels we had as an appie were pretty good. And so was the chocolate pudding cake we shared for dessert. Dinner came to $60.89. The gift card was for 60 dollars. So,  I just paid the 89 cents plus a ten dollar tip. Decent food and good value.

On the way out, we got these pictures in the restaurant.

And when I got home I took out the notes I have for my latest (and last for 2016) Frank Magazine column and began typing away. This was just before I got the news about Alan Thicke.

 Those are books in those boxes and behind me, by the way.

Anyway, I now have a rough draft of my column, and it is past 10:30. I think I will turn in.

Man, will 2016 just get over with, already!


Monday, December 12, 2016

Post 3431 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Three

Blizzard outside at work. Stuck here. Not sure if we will get home any time soon. But the worst part is that my hair is out of place. What do I do?

My goodness, what do I do?

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Post 3430 - Sunday


Past 10pm.

I'm sorry I haven't written for a few days, and further sorry that the posts in the days leading up to Thursday were so brief.

I was on that pre-retirement course on Monday and Tuesday. Both evenings, I transcribed audio files for a true crime article that goes live on the Frank Magazine website Monday morning. Tuesday night I also interviewed the widow of a man who was murdered in Halifax some time ago. That was for a second true crime article, which I hope will go up for the issue in two weeks time. I also spent time working on two other shorter true crime pieces for a future Frank. Of course, I have produced a radio/media column, which goes up tomorrow. Been busy.

The few days of vacation I took were restful but perhaps not in the way you might think. I did some things I don't normally get a chance to do, things which people might think are hard work, but were enough of a change from my job that I enjoyed doing them.

Friday, after work, Patricia and I went to dinner at the Five Fishermen restaurant in the downtown. Early anniversary dinner. We hadn't gone there in several years. It used to be our fave place to for a special dinner.  But, I don't think I am ready to go back there, ever again.

For a long time, they had a free salad bar and mussel bar. You could fill up on that and not notice how small the portions were on your main course. But they got rid of that stuff "a few years ago", unbeknownst to us.

We had had a very poor lobster dinner in Pictou this summer during vacation, so I opted for that. The knuckles and claws were already open for my eating pleasure. Asparagus for the veg. Fingerling potatoes. I told the server, Jack, that I did not like fingerling potatoes and asked for a substitution. "How about garlic mashed?", he asked. I said sure.

Patricia went for a combo plate called Five Fish. She also opted for a large glass of Tidal Bay wine. Turns out that "tidal bay" is a unique-to Nova Scotia variety of wine. There are a couple dozen wineries in Nova Scotia, most of them in the Valley; and these wineries all vie to be able to sell that kind of wine. Not all wineries get to do that. I wonder how bitter the wineries are that don't get that distinction in a given year?

There were dried up, wizened little scones and not enough butter to sustain them.

Our food came. The lobster was all right for what it was. The fingerling potatoes were there, and Jack immediately made that right. A couple of minutes later, a small portion of garlic mashed potatoes was delivered. They were edible, as was the lobster, as was the asparagus.

I asked for a small side of scallops. I got 3 or 4, overcooked in my estimation.

For dessert, we got a frangeline tart, which is a tart with pears and blueberries and shit. We shared that.

The service was fine. The one whoops was fixed, and everybody is allowed a whoops from time to time. But the food was disappointing. I figure if I can cook better scallops than what was presented to me, if I can prepare better garlic mashed potatoes than the dollop that was put in front of me, then maybe I can make that stuff at home for far less money.

With taxes and tip, dinner came to about $165.

I can think of other ways to spend that money. You know, like flushing it down the toilet. I think from now on we will go to another seafood restaurant in Halifax. There is no shortage of them.

Saturday morning, we drove to the Valley to check out the Bevboy family estate. It was fine, of course. We ended up having dinner at Soonhan Sushi in New Minas. for less than 25% of what I paid for dinner Friday night, Patricia and I enjoyed as much fresh sushi as we could consume. Absolutely love that place. Our thanks to Mel Sampson for mentioning that place in a recent Facebook post. It is next door to a former used clothing place that I took my mother to for several years. It was never open when we were there, so I never sampled it. Alas and alack.

From there, we went to the IGA or whatever it's called, in Wolfville. Being Saturday night, they mark stuff down like crazy. We got some chicken for half price, 30% off back bacon, half price eggs. I got a sammich for my lunch tomorrow for half off. Because it was marked down 50%, it will taste twice as good. It just works out that way.

We returned to the city, during a snow fall. Got home about 8:30. Turned in early.

Today, we didn't do that much. I did the dishes and moved some stuff around the living room. Washing some clothes now.

Back to work tomorrow. Only been off for a week, but it seems longer somehow.

You guys take care of yourselves. See you tomorrow.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Post 3429 - Thursday

A very long day. Busy. Heads down busy from early this morning until early tonight.

Remind me to tell you about it sometime.

Or not.

Let's go with not.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Post 3428 - Wednesday

Past 10:30.

I spent the bulk of the evening since 7pm transcribing yet more audio files for another true crime article I'm working on Frank. We are working on two issues at once, here. The final drop dead deadline is next Thursday. I have finished my media column, and most of one true crime article. The second true crime article is ready to be written because the transcriptions are ready. I am also working on two shorter true crime articles. I have nearly a full draft of each one ready to go as well. I've been busy.

I'm on vacation the rest of the week. Hope to do more of what I did today, tomorrow.

See you then, by the way.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Post 3427 - Tuesday

Nearly 11:30.

I have spent the last few hours transcribing audio files from 2 different conversation with family members of a man who was murdered, some 25 years ago now. I have 9 pages of notes now to sift through to write a good draft of the story for the next Frank. Plus, I spoke with the widow of a man who was murdered many years before that.  That will be the basis for the story after that.

This was after sitting in a class room all day at a pre-retirement course.

Please forgive me for being done like dinner.

I will tell you all about the course and the other stuff tomorrow. Just can't do it tonight.

See you then.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Poar 3426 - Monday

Past 11pm.

Brain is fried after day one of my pre-retirement course, and then spending a couple of hours transcribing audio files for a true crime article I will produce this week.

Going to bed now.

Will tell you all about these things tomorrow.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Post 3425 - Sunday

Hi. Pushing 9pm.

As I mentioned last night, we made a whirlwind trip to the cottage yesterday.

We hadn't been to the cottage since the day I covered the Amy Hood trial for Frank back in the middle of October. We didn't stay the weekend because a friend of Patricia's was retiring the following day. Due to one thing and another, we didn't make it back to the cottage to shut the place down for the Winter.

When October became November we realized we really had to get to the cottage. When December rolled around, it became imperative. Since one of our impediments was the fact that our cars were old and maybe not up to the trip (the October trip really kicked Grand Prix's arse), and that impediment no longer exists now that we have the Soul, and since the weather has been taking a turn, we knew we could not put it off any longer.

We got up Saturday morning, had breakfast and left the house around 11, which is later than we should have left. I cashed my latest cheque from Frank Magazine, and then we drove the 2+ hours to the cottage. We had to take a pit stop to take a pee at the Sobeys in Pictou because the water is shut off at the cottage, so we didn't arrive there until shortly before 2pm.

We proceeded to do the things we should have done before: remove the batteries from the remotes, bring in the plastic chairs from the deck, along with the patio tables. We decided to store the barbecue inside the cottage, too, rather than drag the thing out to the shed. But, first, we detached the tank from the bbq, and that is living in the shed for the winter. I put some fuel stabilizer in the lawn tractor and started it up for about 10 minutes, before trying to remove the battery. I had to go back inside the cottage and find a wrench to remove the bolts with. The wrench is hanging on a nail in the shed now for when we need it in the Spring.

Patricia did most of this task: cleaning out the fridge.

I loaded up the car with 4 plastic shopping bins, a Kitchen Aid, the lawn tractor battery, a gas-powered whipper snipper, and the other Sirius radio, because the remote goes works fine with the original radio here in the house. The car was full up.

We were done by around 4:30, as it was getting dark. We had toyed around with the idea of staying overnight at the cottage, but the only water we had was what we had left in the fridge, the toilet was unusable because the water was turned off and the pipes drained, and the only food we had was stuff that went we stuff that we didn't have. Besides, Newbie was back in the city, waiting for us.

So, we drove back into the town of Pictou to get dinner at Sharon's Place. We can always get a good meal at that long-time diner. I connected my phone to the wifi there and learned more about the situation with the teachers that starts Monday. It sucks for literally everybody in the province. People are taking sides. And it is the kind of situation where people in the same house can have diametrically-opposed opinions on it. But I digress.

We finished our turkey dinners. We were in Pictou County, dammit, and we wanted to have a Pictou County pizza, with the unique brown sauce that is spicy and delish. Apparently, Sobeys stores in the province sell that pizza sauce, but we have never seen it. At any rate, we walked across the street to Crown Pizza, ordered a za with pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms and pineapple. Patricia is sniffing it here:

The pizza sat on her knee the whole way back to the city. It was piping hot most of the way. She didn't need to activate the heated seat feature!

One thing we have noticed about the car is that the gas tank must be significantly smaller than the one in the Grand Prix. We left Halifax with a full tank yesterday morning. By the time we got to the cottage, it was down nearly a half tank. Just to be on the safe side, I put 20 bucks in last night. When we got back in the drive way around 8:45 Saturday night, it was between half and three quarters of a tank. I don't think the car is especially hard on gas, so I am chalking it up to the size of the tank.

Anyway, when we got back last night, we were so tired we didn't unload the car until this afternoon. I wrote that short blog post before turning in and sleeping like a log for a large number of hours.

Today, I made breakfast and washed dishes and lugged that stuff from the car inside. I put most of it away. I didn't fritter away my day, but I didn't work on any of my Frank articles, either. I will be busy this week.

It is around 9:15. I am told that the pre-retirement course is grueling, so I think I will turn in early.

You have a good one. Talk at ya tomorrow.

PS.  The pizza was terrific. Why can't more Halifax pizza places sell Pictou County-style pizzas?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Post 3424 - Saturday

Past 10.

Whirlwind trip to Pictou County today. Exhausted.

I will tell you about it tomorrow.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Post 3423 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Two

Hi. Day two already. Where has the time gone?

Today's pictures were taken in the parking lot of my work. The man who took the pics, Mark, apparently mugged Elton John several years ago and kept a pair of the man's sunglasses as a memento. He let me wear the glasses for a few moments this afternoon, Thank you, Mark.

21 pictures were taken. You are getting some of the best shots. I mean, they're all good shots, if only because I am in them.

Here. Eat your heart out.

Yeah, our new car. Loving it so far.

And, that's the NSLC behind me, across the street. Have I been there? Do you have to ask? Really?

Mark took 21 pictures. If you want to see more, which are similar to the above, let me know.

Tomorrow promises to be busy. A quick trip somewhere for the day. Likely will be tired tomorrow night.

You have a good one, folks. See you tomorrow.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Post 3422 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day One

What? We're there already?! Can it really be... the first day of December? And a work day, at that?

Yes. Yes, it can.

I got up this morning around 5:30, dug out the Christmas ties, and had a quandary. For one thing, I was not wearing any pants, or shirt, or much of anything else for that matter, so having ties with no clothes to go with them didn't make much sense. I found something to put, and snapped a couple selfies in my kitchen.

You know, it doesn't help much when I make the funny faces, eh wot?

Hmm. Do the above pictures make me look a little bit like this guy?

I don't know. Maybe a little.

Anyway, I selected a tie. This afternoon, I grabbed my phone and got these selfies:

My goodness, I am a handsome man. I don't know how I get better looking with age, but I do. I just do.

This is but day one. I will have a picture for you tomorrow. I don't know about next week. I will be on a pre-retirement course on Monday and Tuesday, and then on 3 days of vacation after that. I may or may not give you tie pictures those days. But I guarantee you I will be back at it on December 12th.

I am still accepting suggestions for where to get my picture taken for 2016. Please stop suggesting I get my picture taken on the ice where the Halifax Mooseheads play. I did that already, back in 2012. Go look it up by using the label "Christmas_2012" and see for yourself, if you don't believe me.

I am in such a good mood this evening. I blocked Rob Wolfe on my Facebook today!

You all have a wonderful evening. I will touch base with you tomorrow.