Friday, December 23, 2016

Post 3351 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2016 - Day Eleven (or Eleven)

The end of the trail draws night, ladies and gentlemen.

This afternoon, we drove to Tantallon, there to go to Otis & Clementine's used book store. It is probably our fave used bookstore anywhere in the province. Roomy. Eclectic. A little bit of everything. Plus they sell coffee and tea and sweets. They have a book club as well.

I have mentioned them a few times in my Frank Magazine media column, and they recognize me when I go in now. I think they appreciated the publicity. Being a small business, they likely can't afford to advertise in a traditional sense.

Anyway, today, between 4 and 8 pm was a customer appreciation event. Free wine  and sweets, plus 20% off everything in the store.

I got several books for me, plus a few for Patricia. As you can see, I got a used copy of Phonse Jessome's debut novel featuring a gritty, crime-ridden Halifax that the average person doesn't see, and which I am only seeing in the last few months as I have been writing the unsolved murders and missing persons series for Frank Magazine. I look forward to reading it over the holidays.

I also got a Mike Hammer novel by Mickey Spillane. And a couple Ruth Rendell novels. I have never read any of her novels. I read a bunch of her short stories in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine over the years. I got spoiled, reading short stories. They could, for the most part, be read in one sitting. Parking myself and reading a long novel makes me just realize how much padding there is in these books, and only makes me yearn more for the short story form. But I digress.

Rendell is an old favourite, and since she died in 2015, there won't be any new material from her, unless there is some posthumous stuff out there I haven't heard about it. I have a number of her novels. They have a number at Otis & Clementine's, but need to compare what I have to what they have, so I don't get a duplicate.

Most of my readers will have no idea what I am talking about, but many collectors fear getting more than one copy of anything. You just have to go along with me, okay?

This is the final entry in the Christmas tie series for 2016. Will I do it again in 2017? I don't know. People start asking me about it in August. I guess I will just say that I will do it if people want me to. If they don't, then I won't.

You guys have a good evening. I will talk at you tomorrow.


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