Thursday, December 29, 2016

Post 3354 - Thursday

Sorry I didn't write last night. I wasn't feeling well.

I think today is Thursday. Maybe I just want it to be Thursday. I am not sure.

I got up this morning  and padded downstairs to the laundry room to find something to wear. Decided to dip into the old home office and check out the media server. I couldn't "wake" it up. It did not come out of sleep mode no matter what I did. I manually shut down the computer by pressing the power button for 5 seconds, and rebooted a few times, but it didn't come up. I figured out that the bios was not even allowing me to boot the OS that I hope is still on one of the hard drives.

That computer/server, which I bought used this past February,  has been giving me problems for months, and today's was the final straw. At least two internal hard drives are about to expire, according to the disk utility that Linux Mint provided. Imminent danger of failing. The solid state drive that was new this past Winter stopped being useful as a boot device in the Spring. Some sectors got fried on it or something. I had to put the OS on a laptop hard drive and go from there. Every week or so, I would have to reboot the computer and refire all my processes so I could run Sonaar, Sabnzbd and Plex again. Hard drives have to be re-mounted from time to time. Just one thing after another. Aaargh!!

I removed most of the hard drives from the computer before I went to work. When I get home, I will remove the rest of them, including the ones that were about to crap out. I will harvest the ram. I will remove the USB card that never worked after I installed it. Wrestle some cables from it, too. Then, at the first opportunity, I will take that effing piece of excrement to a recycling depot and wish it a loud goodbye.

I have another desktop computer in the Valley. I will get that as soon as I can and press that into active service. Maybe the RAM will fit in that machine, for all I know. I will bring that back with me and get Plex and the other stuff working again, on that.

My goodness, what an ordeal, but I will not miss that computer, one little bit. Deeply disappointed in the business that sold the frigging thing to me 10 months ago. Hesitant to do business with them, ever again.

I do not need this stuff at the end of my 2016. I just don't.


See you tomorrow.


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