Friday, December 30, 2016

Post 3355 - Friday

Yay. The last work day of 2016 is over. Three day weekend awaits.

I am on a secret mission tonight and in to tomorrow. I will tell you about it probably on Saturday night.

The desk top computer will be going to a recycling depot, maybe as soon as Saturday. It is in the back seat of the car now. I was so disgusted at how it kept eating hard drives and not booting no matter what I did, that Thursday night I took as many pieces from it as I could, including the ram and hard drives and data cables and the cd/dvd player/burner. I cannot wait to be rid of the thing.

I spent like 500 dollars on that computer back in the Winter. It was refurbished. I  upgraded the ram and dropped a new power supply into it. And nearly as soon as I got it, it started behaving strangely. The solid state drive that contains the OS would no longer boot, so I transferred it to a 2.5" laptop drive and did some jiggery pokery to get it to start up. I had to reboot the computer more often than I should have. And it just got worse until Thursday morning when it would not, no matter what I did, come up for me.


Calm, blue ocean.

Computers are fun! They make our lives easier! I love them.

Just not at this moment.

I am going to fire of Netflix and call it a night.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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