Thursday, December 15, 2016

Post 3434 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Exravaganza 2016 - Day Six

A snowy day outside. What says Christmas better than being inside, staying warm?

Today's pictures were taken courtesy of my friends John and Marcel. We had lunch together at the Metro Deli. They agreed to take the pictures, and I noticed the Christmas tree in the lobby at 6080 Young Street, so I handed them my phone and we had at 'er.

Five glorious pictures taken later, we were done. A small crowd was hanging around, seeking my autographs. After all these  years of doing the Christmas tie thing, I have become quite famous around here. I can't help it. Sorry.

Am I harshing someone's mellow?

By the way, the burrito platter at the Metro Deli, at 10 bucks, is excellent food and an excellent value. Comes with roasted potatoes and choice of salad. Go there, or I will have to hurt you.

See you guys tomorrow.


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