Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Post 3360 - Wednesday

Past 9:30.

Long, productive day. I just sent off my media column to my editor at Frank. Earlier this evening I had my first Toastmasters meeting of 2017. I chaired the meeting  and conducted table topics, where people speak off the cuff with little or no preparation time. The subject consisted of corporate questions, which in retrospect was perhaps not as much fun as it could have been. The master evaluator chided me for that in his overall meeting comments. I will get over it.

Before that, of course, was my work day. Patricia is off work this week, so I left for work before 7am and got to work about 7:20. Frigging raining like a frigmuffin all the way to work. I don't usually start work early, but there was a client request waiting for me, so I decided to be a sport and do it early.

While driving to work, I listened to several different radio stations, which is my wont. I listened to the Q104 rant line again, which has become so repetitive that it is lost most of its entertainment value. The same people call in every day, which just encourages these dummies to call in the next day,  and the day after.

I also listened to WCBS New York. 880 on the good ol' AM dial. I like to listen to Joe Connolly's business report at 6:55am. He has a droll delivery that I like a lot. We have exchanged a few tweets over the years. Connolly has family in Newfoundland. I should say hello to him again, and see if he remembers me.

I found time to listen to some Sirius XM radio, too. For some reason, I often listen to the Liquid Metal channel, which features death and black metal. I defy anyone to tell me what the damn lyrics are to any of the songs. I get a kick out of the band names. There is actually a death metal band called  Ringworm. I am guessing that "Spastic Colon" was taken.

Tomorrow, Patricia has some kind of spa date in Bedford, and her usual Pilates class at 5:30. She will drive me in to work tomorrow after buying me breakfast at the Cora's in Clayton Park. The best part of Cora's is the fudge they offer at the cash registers. But Patricia is paying, so I will have some salmon eggs benny or something.  After she drops me off to work, I am not sure what she will do. I will get the skinny tomorrow night.

There is not much else going on. Been a typical day. I think I have earned my nightly rest.

See you tomorrow.


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