Thursday, January 5, 2017

Post 3361 - Thursday

Hi. Pushing 10pm.

Been another long day.  I did some extra Frank freelance work this evening. It was rewarding and fun. I am grateful that they gave me this opportunity.

I am off work on Friday. We plan to run the roads for a while, but I will also spend some time working on my next true crime article, which is about a man who was murdered in the province some time ago. I conducted the interview with the family members just before the holidays, but because of said holidays, and my desire for a break, I have done little with the story. It's about time I worked on it.

Patricia had a spa day today, and then Pilates tonight. She is resting on the couch while I type in the stuffy chair while my feet are on the ottoman. Newbie is on the living room floor between us. A rerun of "Face Off" is running on the Space channel. Can life get any better?

Well, a new laptop would be nice.

See you tomorrow.


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