Friday, January 6, 2017

Post 3362 - Friday

Past midnight. So, it's Saturday morning, technically.

The highlight of the day was driving out to Lower Sackville to the BFM thrift store. They seem to have a sale every day. I ended up getting 5 new-to-me dress shirts. Patricia paid for them. Less than 20 dollars for all of them.

I also got some books, including some long out-of-print things, for very little money. Some were reduced from their already-low price, by a further 25 or even 50%. I very nearly bought a flat screen computer monitor for 5 dollars. The computer monitor attached to this computer, 8 years old, seems to have crapped out. I had a back up monitor, which I pressed into service and am using now. But I don't have a backup to this backup monitor, so a second one would be nice to have. It is possible that the original can be revived, so I will try that route, one last time.

Patricia got a bunch of clothes as well.

From there, we went up the street to the Guy's Frenchy's outlet. You can tell it's a Guy's Frenchy's, not just because of the sign on the building, but because they give out that free one page stain removal guide like the Guy's Frenchy's in the Valley does. I bought another dress shirt there. Patricia got a few more things.

It was starting to get greasy out there by this point, so we retraced our steps to the house.

We spent time after dinner watching a few episodes of the Netflix remake of "One Day at at Time" with a nearly-all Latina cast. It was not very funny, so we moved on to The OA, a science-fiction series that debuted last month on Netflix as well. We have watched two episodes and will check out another one or two on Saturday.

But, now, we sleep.

See you tomorrow.


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