Monday, January 9, 2017

Post 3365 - Monday

Nearly 10:30pm.

Spent the last couple hours transcribing a couple audio files in the latest true crime article I am working on. I hope to finish that task before I go to bed Tuesday night. 3 of those files left, so it is do-able.

I also downloaded from my Frank email address to my dropbox, the few pictures I have to work with of the subject of this true crime article. This guy was camera shy to say the least, and his death was long enough ago that it was before everybody walked around with a camera in their pocket. The few pics I have, are likely the only ones I will have.

I lost some productivity trying to access the network printer here in my home. It is a scant 1.5 meters from where I type these words, but it might as well be the distance between here and the sun. I managed, after 45 minutes, to be able to print from this machine to that printer, which is hooked up to another computer. It doesn't work consistently, and I hate inconsistency. It troubles and vexes me. It makes no sense. Which is why I hate it so much.

Anyway, it is late, and I need some shut eye. As long as today was, tomorrow will be longer.

See you tomorrow.


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