Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Post 3366 - An Unpleasant Surprise

We have had a terrible cold snap in Nova Scotia lately. Last week, by contrast, it was raining. Over the last couple of days, it has been too cold to snow.

These rapid to-and-fro took a toll on our car this morning. It was deeply cold this morning, something like -19C. I started the car, ran the heater. We left for work around 6:50. About a block from the house, I noticed something. It turned out to be a crack in the windshield!

We checked it out. It was maybe 2 inches long. We got to our destination to get some breakfast. Checked the windshield further. There was a crack all along the base of the windshield, from end to end. We had not noticed it before.

Worried, pissed off, stressed, while Patricia was ordering our food, I called the sales guy at the KIA dealership, and left a message. After I got to work, I called his cell. At lunch time I went to the dealership and was informed that they usually do not cover the cost of replacing a windshield under warranty. It's an insurance thing, most of the time.

He got the service manager to look at the car. He said it was a stress fracture, likely caused by the extreme changes in temperature in recent days. It would almost certainly be covered by KIA at no cost to us, but I am unhappy to the extreme that a car that is only a couple of months old would need to get a new windshield. My Grand Prix never needed that, and it suffered through colder Winters than this one has been.

I hope this is an anomaly. A freak occurrence. Never to happen again. But, I now have a nagging doubt about the car. I don't like that feeling one little bit.

Anyway, after work, and dinner, I came down here around 8pm and transcribed two more audio files. I would have done one during my lunch hour today, but that was taken up by the car. I have one more audio file to transcribe before I can attack the article. I want to have it in my editor's hand by Thursday, if at all possible. That way he can read it over and maybe ask for some changes and we can put the article to bed long before deadline day next week.

I think I will turn in. Been a trying day. Let's hope tomorrow is better.

See you then.


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