Thursday, January 12, 2017

Post 3368 - Thursday

Nearly 9:30.

I just sent off a draft of my latest true crime article to my Frank editor. A story with quite a few twists and turns. A little longer than normal. I may need to pare it back even more than I have already. We will see.

I have another special task to work on courtesy of my editor. He wants me to have it done by Monday. I should be able to get it to him sometime over the weekend instead.

Speaking of the weekend, Patricia wants to go to New Ross Farm on Saturday. Some kind of event going on there. We haven't been there in a few years. One time we went there, years before that, a free range chicken started chasing after her. Funniest thing ever.

The crack in the windshield has not expanded any further since we first discovered it on  Tuesday morning. That is a blessing. I am crazy ticked that a two-month-old car would have this defect, but at least the cost of its replacement will be zero to us.

There is nothing else to report. So, I think I will brush my teeth and turn in. Nice to go to bed relatively early on a work night, for a change.

See you tomorrow.


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