Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Post 3373 - Tuesday

About 9:45

One of those days when I would rather have stayed in bed.

Glad I got up, though. It wasn't a bad day at all. I got a phone call late this morning from the car dealership. The new windshield has been shipped and has arrived. I have made an appointment for Wednesday morning, early, to take the car in and drop it off. It will take about half a day. And the Perma-shine treatment that we had done to the original windshield, Aquapel, is being applied to this new windshield at no cost. No insurance, no nothing. Straight replacement. Aquapel, as you may have guessed, is the treatment that repels water from the windshield when it is raining. It just beads and falls off. You still need to use wipers, but not as much. My confidence in our new car has been restored.

I have another Toastmasters meeting tomorrow. The original plan was to have a meeting strictly for members, no guests. But at nearly the last minute, the speaker backed out. He has quit Toastmasters, full stop, and is not even returning our emails to find out what the frig happened. The thing we were gonna do last month will be rescheduled for a future meeting, likely next month. It sure was a surprise, though.

Since we have to get up so bloody early tomorrow morning, I need to get to bed a little earlier, so I will turn in now. You keep smiling. I will smile along with you. In fact, I will smile so hard, that the corners of my mouth will extend to behind my head, and the top of it will just fall off. Quite a sight, really.

See you tomorrow.


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