Saturday, January 21, 2017

Post 3377 - Saturday

Pushing 11pm.

I did manage to get up around 6:45 this morning. I left the house shortly after 7. Got some gas for the car. Ate something. And then drove to Dartmouth for that Toastmaster things.

I must state that this training session wasn't bad at all. There was a lot of good information, and some great truths were spoken, and agreed with. We spent some money last year advertising our club in the Coffee News, that free one pager circular that gets distributed throughout the downtown and larger urban and commercial areas. Never mind what we spent. We got exactly one email from one person who expressed a vague interest in coming to a meeting. Person never showed up. I related that anecdote, and heard a similar story from a woman in another club. Traditional forms of advertising do not work, it would seem.

They suggested other forms of advertising, and we will look into them in the coming months.

After it was over, I returned home. We watched some stuff on the PVR. I was nodding off so I took a long nap. Tonight we tried to watch Suicide Squad. My frig, what a piece of poo that movie is. The evidence of the massive reshoots was obvious, with characters coming and going willy nilly, characters just showing up out of the blue. One character is there for like 10 minutes before being killed off. We quit after less than an hour. Tell me, anyone reading this, that the film is worth seeing all the way through. I will need some strong convincing.

We also watched a couple episodes of Sneaky Pete, an Amazon series. I liked it more than Patricia did. I will watch it on my own. That happens from time to time. She likes to watch cooking shows, and I like to eat. Yin and yang.

I think I will turn in now. Quite a bit to do tomorrow around the house.

See you then.


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