Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Post 3378 - Fair Warning

Wasn't feeling well the last couple of  nights. But I am back now.

I need to get something else off my chest. One of the reasons I wasn't feeling well was actually a source of upset for me. Increasingly, I am finding there is a shrill negativity online, and I am enjoying my time there less and less.

The current American political climate is so divisive that it is spilling over to this country. Those in favour of the Orange One are so strident in their comments that it is foolish to do anything to have a meaningful exchange with them, let alone try to persuade them to acknowledge another viewpoint. But those against Mr. Grump are equally as obnoxious, so out of joint about their feelings toward him that they feel that anyone who is not lockstep with them is this side of evil.

They miss the point that he is the president of the United States. No amount of bellyaching will change that. It will accomplish nothing at all, except alienate those who are not interested in a steady influx of that kind of diatribe. And if you are not American, and therefore cannot vote for or against him, then you are wasting your damn time.

Yesterday I saw a meme from a right wing looney tune about the women's march, showing discarded placards littered on the ground. That was my takeaway. How could these women (and some men) make their point about who the Pres is, and then turn around and litter like that? There was no need of it. They made a mess that people working for crap wages have to clean up. I thought it was shameful, and wrote something along those lines.

A long-time friend ripped into me about it, saying I was missing the point, which was about how POTUS's policies were destined to destroy the very fabric of North American society. Later, I saw him express a desire to punch someone. I can only wonder who.


There is the long term doctrine that one must accept the things in life that one cannot change, because if one doesn't, it will drive one mad. I have done my best to live my life via that rule because nothing good comes from jumping up and down and screaming about something that you cannot control or even influence. Like, if you have a job you hate, and work with people you cannot stand, complaining about said job and people endlessly accomplishes nothing. Try to get another job. Or accept that you have a job you don't like and can't stand certain people at that job and try to find the positives associated with that employment. Because there always are some.

The pro-Orange Dude people are just as annoying to me, by the way. I am not playing favourites. I am barely taking sides. Both sides get on my nerves.

Here's what will happen, going forward.

If you want to write something nice about the Pres, go ahead. I will ignore it. If you want to decry everything he does, go ahead. I will ignore that. But come after me, write something that causes me heartache and upset, about this or anything else, and I will block you on Facebook. Share one of your dumb ass comments on my Facebook, regarding something I don't like, and you're blocked as well. No warnings. No second chances. You're gone. I don't need your feces, or you, in my life. I have enough burdens on my mental health as it is without your drama and vituperation.

The new policy starts... NOW!

See you tomorrow.


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