Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Post 3485 - A Confession

Around 11:15.

Just sent in my media column in to my editor at Frank. I can only imagine what interesting tidbits will dribble in over the next 24 hours that I will have to add to the column to keep it as current as possible. As usual, there is content in the column that is available nowhere else.

I will not have a true crime article in the next Frank, not unless the laws of physics stop applying to me, and I can source the article, write it and send it off to my editor in 24 hours. Not possible.

There is not much else to report. We had a good Toastmasters meeting tonight. Five members and as many guests.  Two of them are joining, and the rest expressed an interest to return. Table topics were about what it was like for the participants to meet the person whose name was written on slips of paper. We had a speech that was evaluated. And the meeting was over just before 7pm.

I admitted something in the meeting tonight, and I will admit it here. It has been something that has dogged me through life. Please don't tell anyone. Do we have a secret?

I absolutely stink at remembering people's names.

There. I stated it. I feel better now. Phew.

I can be told someone's name, and forget it within seconds. In one ear and out the other. It is not a function of my growing a bit older, or becoming forgetful. It has ever been thus. As a little kid I couldn't keep someone's name in my noggin for any length of time. The problem has not grown more acute with age. It just is, and I have had to deal with it. I wrote the names of our guests this evening on my agenda as they were introduced, and used that list throughout the evening to keep the names straight. That will avail me naught in two weeks' time when we meet again, and some or all of them show up to greet me. If I am very lucky, I will be able to remember two of them by name. The rest of them, not so much. Already, the names are fading from my memory.

I hope those of you whose names I have forgotten over the years do not take it personally, that you are not insulted or offended. I just can't bloody remember names. From time to time, I forget the names of people at work, at least the names of people I do not interact with on a regular basis.

I am in good company. Stan Lee himself, the guy who co-created many of the classic Marvel superheroes whose films we see to the present day, has a notoriously poor memory. Some 50 years ago, he forgot the alter ego for The Incredible Hulk in a Fantastic Four story. If he had had an editor, he could have reminded Stan, or fixed his copy; but Stan mostly edited himself, so the error made it to print. Bruce Banner became Bob Banner. They retroactively changed the character's name to Robert Bruce Banner. For the 1970's TV show, the one with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, the producers thought the name of Bruce didn't sound right so they decided to name him David. The comics complied, calling him David Robert Bruce Banner from them on. And now you know.

I am sure there are many more examples of extreme forgetfulness. Please tell me about them. I will even try to remember them for you. Note the word "try".

Now, isn't it time for bed? I can't remember.

See you tomorrow.


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