Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Post 3489 - Wendesday

Hello. Past 10pm.

I haven't written because I took a couple sick days. As per my rules, when I take  a sick day, so does the blog. I have explained why, elsewhere, and don't need to go over that.

Let's see here. What is going on in my life?

I am trying to get a true crime article for the next issue of Frank. A few balls are up in the air. Two are about to crash to earth unless some minor miracle happens. In both cases, which I will not name, so much time seems to have passed since the murders that the loved ones I am able to track down do not want to talk about them. They have moved on, accepted that their loved ones are dead, that my writing an article about them will not lead to anything positive, so thank you, but no thank you. That makes me a little sad.

I lost my brother to cancer when I was five years old. If instead he had been murdered, or gone missing, even all these years later, I would want, with a furious passion, to know what had happened to him, and would welcome any and all offers from the media to shed some light on his cold case. I truly do not understand why someone would turn down this opportunity. I just don't. But I respect their wishes.

If I can find someone else in those families to talk to me, then I will go that route, but I am not hopeful.

I know people would like me to produce more of these true crime pieces. I write them as fast as I can.  But I need people to talk to me in order for that to happen. And that is not an easy task. Just sayin'.

We got a small storm over night. Of course, schools from Yarmouth to Sydney were canceled, which ticked off an awful lot of people, and inconvenienced thousands of parents and probably hundreds of employers whose staff were distracted by their kids not being where I will say this: even in my day, schools were canceled. Even in my day, some of those cancellations were wonky. It would be crappy at 6am, and quite lovely by 10am. But there was, and is, no mechanism for opening schools at lunch time. Maybe there should be. The very odd time we have our work canceled, we might be told to stay home until, say, 11am, at which time we are expected to report to work. Why can't that work for our schools? I am just wondering. No need to yell at me.

Past 10:30. I have a long day tomorrow. I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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