Saturday, February 11, 2017

Post 3491 - Saturday

Pushing 1am. Technically Sunday morning.

I didn't write on Friday because my body just kinda shut down on me around 9pm. Went to bed early.

Today, I have been busy working on my latest true crime story for Frank. I interviewed a source Saturday afternoon. Before and after I was transcribing portions of an interview I conducted on Thursday evening. I took a break in the afternoon, which delayed my finishing the transcription of today's interview until about 12:40am Sunday morning. I have it all backed up on my dropbox folder. I have printed off both interview transcriptions and will go through them both in the morning before I write the actual article. I have promised my editor he will have it on his desk when he arrives to work on Monday morning.

If he arrives there. We are supposed to get a huge blizzard Sunday into Monday. If it is really bad they may delay our work opening Monday morning. I can only imagine there is some kind of policy at the  Frank bunker that if the weather is abominable they will decide to work from home or something. I wonder?

Anyway, I think I will turn in. Lots of work to do on Sunday.

See you tomorrow.


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