Sunday, February 12, 2017

Post 3492 - Saturday

Good morning, Monday.

Work has been cancelled for Monday. In all my years of working for the province, I have never seen work cancelled in anticipation of a storm. The forecasts must be so dire that they cannot, dare not, ignore them.

This works for me. I have spent the bulk of the weekend working on a true crime article for Frank. Spent hours transcribing two interviews on Saturday. Today was about reading over the transcriptions and researching some online articles and writing the actual draft. I sent it off to my editor a few hours ago. We will see what happens with it.

In my current media column in Frank I mentioned how a noted silent film actress was apparently in Port Williams in the 1950's and was interviewed by someone at Annapolis Valley Radio. Someone wrote me about that tonight asking me if maybe they meant another silent film actress, one I have written about before, here and in Frank. I wrote back that it would be nearly impossible for that to be the case as this other actress died in 1955, so unless this took place in the very early 1950's, before she got sick, then I don't see how she would have been in the province. She and her hubby sold their property to the phone company in 1941, and I have no idea if they came back to visit after that sale took place, even to visit. So, no, I still think it was the actress I mentioned in my column and not this other one. But, who knows?

I am going to turn in, if only so I can watch a bit of Roast Battle 2. My goodness, that is a rude program!

See you tomorrow.


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