Sunday, February 19, 2017

Post 3498 - Sunday

Past 1am.

Did very little today. Cooked some more haddock. Patricia used the little machine she has to suck the moisture out of the rest of the haddock, and put it in better freezer storage. It is now in the freezers.

Spent hours today watching episodes of "Too Close to Home", a trashy, barely professional-looking, low-rent scripted show that features a very bored-looking Heather Locklear, who likely wants to fire her manager. Just a few more and we are done.

There are lots of far better tv shows to watch, but sometimes the crap, that floats to the top, gets skimmed off and that's what we watch. I can't explain it.

Trying to get material on my next true crime case for Frank. Had a few cases fail to pan out for me recently. Discouraging. Will keep trying, though.

I think I will turn in. Maybe do something productive tomorrow.

See you then.


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